Energy Storage Solutions for Homes

As of 2/10/23, there are 1.2 MW of approved and completed projects. The current step has 10 MW of capacity.

Having a battery installed in your home can help you be more prepared when storms are on the horizon. Batteries can be your backup power source when the grid goes down to keep your lights on and essential appliances like your fridge running.

Though they work great on their own, pairing batteries with solar photovoltaic (PV) systems can ensure that you can not only use power during an outage, but also recharge them when the sun comes out.

Energy Storage Solutions will help lower the cost of buying a battery by providing upfront and performance incentives. The upfront incentive will be passed onto the customer as a reduction in total system cost. The performance incentive payments will be received after each performance incentive season, based on average power your battery contributes to the grid during critical periods.

Incentives are available for batteries paired with solar PV systems, as well as standalone batteries. Initially, the average residential customer will be eligible for an upfront incentive of around $200 per kilowatt-hour (kWh) of battery capacity, with a maximum incentive per project of $7,500. For example, this would be $2,700 for a single 13.5 kWh battery unit, or $5,400 for two. Residential customers enrolled in the program will also receive performance incentive payments every year based on the average power their battery contributes to the grid during critical periods.

To support our most vulnerable customers, the program provides additional incentives or opportunities to access other revenue streams for priority customers:

• Low-Income (link)
• Underserved Communities (link)
• Grid-Edge Customers (those who experience more frequent or longer duration outages; ask your contractor or visit Eversource Grid Edge Map  and UI Grid Edge Map)


Residential Customer Upfront Incentive (2022-2024)

Incentive Step Estimated # of Participants Capacity Block (MW) Standard ($/kWh)* Underserved ($/kWh)* Low-Income ($/kWh)* Average Upfront Incentive per System
1 2,000 10.0 $200 $300 $400 $3,375
* Upfront incentives are defined base on rated energy capacity (kWh)

Eligible Technologies

Your battery or inverter must be from our pre-approved technologies list:

  • Enphase Energy
  • Generac
  • SunPower

The full list can be found at


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