Cleaner, Quieter Energy Security for your Home 

An informational webinar for homeowners was held on Thursday, Feb. 22. Watch the recording here. 

Installing a battery in your home can help be more prepared when storms are on the horizon. Batteries provide backup power when the grid goes down to keep your lights on and essential appliances like your fridge running. 

Unlike generators that run on fossil fuels, batteries are a cleaner, quieter option for powering your home during an outage. 

Plus, batteries work even better when you add them to an existing solar PV system or pair them with a new one, allowing batteries to recharge with the sun’s energy. Also, through Renewable Energy Solutions, you can sell the power you generate with your residential solar installation to Eversource or UI.

Incentives Makes Batteries More Affordable 

Energy Storage Solutions lowers the cost of a battery by providing both upfront and performance incentives

Upfront incentives reduce the cost to you before installation. Customers can qualify for up to $16,000 in exchange for allowing the battery to reduce their home’s demand from the electrical grid on hot summer days for 10 years. 

Performance incentives are paid twice a year for 10 years based on how your battery performs during peak summer and winter days. 

Incentive Adders are available for Priority Customers (maximum incentive is $16,000):  

Low Income – see if your household qualifies (link

Underserved Communities – see if your town qualifies (link) 

Grid-Edge Customers – see if your address qualifies (link

How it Works 

1. Select an Eligible Contractor to install Eligible Equipment at your home. We recommend getting a few quotes before making a decision.

2. After your Eligible Contractor installs your battery, on summer days, and when the grid is stressed, the utility will dispatch energy from your battery to help reduce peak electricity demand. If a storm, is on the horizon, the utility will not dispatch energy from your battery.

3. Participating customers receive an upfront incentive to reduce the battery’s cost. Additionally, performance-based incentives are paid at the end of each summer and winter season based on average energy contributions to the grid.

Incentive Rates 

 Residential Upfront Incentive ($/kWh)
 Installed CapacityStandardUnderservedLow-Income
   Step 110 MW$250$450$600
   Step 215 MW$212.50$450$600
   Step 325 MW$162.50$450$600
   Grid Edge Adder+ 50%+ 50%+ 50%+ 50%
 Residential Performance Incentive ($/kW)
 All customers
 Years 1 – 5 Years 6 – 10

Learn More 

Watch an introductory webinar on the program here 

Download the program flyer 

Review the Program Manual (NEW 1/29/2024) 


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