Energy Storage Solutions for Buildings & Communities

Improve Your Bottomline with Energy Storage 

For commercial and industrial (C&I) building owners, battery installations can increase storm preparedness and resilience, and can provide backup power when the grid goes down.  Even more beneficial, your battery systems provide an opportunity for peak demand management, saving you money on monthly demand costs on blue-sky days. 

If you install a battery alongside solar photovoltaic (PV) panels, you can charge when the sun is out, further increasing your opportunity for energy savings.  

Incentives Add Up to Savings 

The Energy Storage Solutions program provides both upfront and performance incentives to reduce the cost of installing battery storage systems.

Upfront incentives reduce up to 50% of the battery’s cost in exchange for allowing the battery to reduce electrical grid stress on hot summer days for 10 years. 

Performance incentives are paid twice a year for 10 years based on how much average power the battery contributes to the grid during critical periods. 

Incentive adders are available to Priority Customers (maximum incentive is capped at 50% of cost):  

Small businesses – with less than 200 kW annual peak demand  

Critical facilities – as defined by PURA final decision on Docket 23-08-05 (see page 50-51) 

Customers replacing fossil fuel generators 

Grid Edge – see if your operation qualifies

Incentive Rates

  Commercial and Industrial Upfront Incentive ($/kWh)   
  Small Commercial  Medium Commercial Large Commercial  
Peak Demand <200 kW 200 kW – 500 kW >500 kW  
Tranche 2 Incentives (100 MW)  $200 $175 $100  
Priority Customer Adder (if applicable) +25% +25% +25%  


  Commercial and Industrial Performance Incentive ($/kW) 
  All Customers
  Years 1 – 5 Years 6 – 10
Season Summer Winter Summer Winter
Incentive $200 $25 $115 $15

Get Started 

Protecting your building from outages and strengthening Connecticut’s electrical grid is as easy as 1, 2, 3! 

  1. Consider if your building would benefit most from solar, solar plus storage, or a standalone battery system
  2. Reach out to an Eligible Contractor or learn more about install Eligible Equipment.
  3. Have your system installed and start reaping the financial benefits. 



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