Energy Storage Solutions for Buildings & Communities

As of 1/20/23, there are 46.4 MW of approved projects and 23.8 MW of unapproved projects in the commercial and industrial queue. The current step has 50 MW of capacity.

For commercial and industrial (C&I) customers, battery systems provide an opportunity for peak demand management and can increase resiliency by offering backup power during an outage. For C&I customers that already have fossil-fuel generators, battery systems tied to new or existing solar PV systems can offer an environmentally friendly alternative.

C&I customers are eligible for upfront incentives to help reduce the cost of purchasing a battery system, with a maximum incentive of 50% of the project cost. C&I customers enrolled in the Program will also receive performance incentive payments based on the average power their electric storage project contributes to the grid during critical periods.

Eligible Technologies

Your battery or inverter must be from our pre-approved technologies list:

  • Cadenza
  • Tesla Megapack

The full list can be found at


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