Contractor Resources

 To access the Energy Storage Solutions customer enrollment application, you will first have to become an Eligible Contractor or Third-Party System Owner (TPO). To become an Eligible Contractor or TPO, please apply here

Once approved as an Eligible Contractor, you will receive access to the Energy Storage Solutions customer enrollment platform, found here:
For more information, please visit the Contractor FAQ page

Informational Materials: 


 Priority Customer Incentive Adder: 

 The following resources may be used to verify whether a customer is eligible for an increased upfront incentive.  

 Required Program Documents: 

The below documents must be submitted by Contractors during the Energy Storage Solutions application process.  

 Forms due when application is first submitted:  

  1. Data Release Form 
  2. Customer Sales/Lease Agreement
  3. Site Plan
  4. Copy of Customer’s Electric Bill (Passive only)
  5. Low-Income Affidavit (if applicable) 
  6. Resiliency Plan Template (1/20/2023) (only required for non-grid edge priority customers)
  7. Proof of Submission of Interconnection Application (only for commercial customers, effective March 1)
    1. Eversource Interconnection Webpage
    2. Eversource Hosting Capacity Map  
    3. UI Interconnection Webpage
    4. UI Hosting Capacity Map 

 Forms due once application receives Reservation of Funds (ROF) letter: 

  1. An energy audit (for homes built before 1980) OR a property assessor’s card (for homes built after 1980) (not needed if co-located with solar)
  2. A Utility Approval to Energize Letter 
  3. One-Line Diagram (Passive only)
  4. Operations Agreement
  5. Self-Inspection Report  


 1. Technology  

 A New Technology Application (NTA) must be submitted for every technology that is not on the Eligible Equipment list

 2. Contractor  

 An Eligible Contractor application must be submitted to join the Program. 

 3. Project  

 Project applications are submitted by Eligible Contractors here: