Who qualifies as a low-income customer?

Energy Storage Solutions Low-Income Incentive Process 

Households must be at or below 60% State Median Income (SMI) to be eligible for Energy Storage Solutions Program (ESS) Low-Income incentive. Contractors are required to collect and retain the documentation verifying customers’ income eligibility. As a requirement of the program, Connecticut Green Bank staff will audit contractor’s Low-Income incentive process, including documentation required to be kept on file. Customers can also be verified by the Green Bank, Eversource/UI, Operation Fuel, or other community partner through another program, as approved by the Green Bank. 

LMI Documentation Audit Process 

Green Bank will perform annual audits for all Contractors to verify their Low-Income incentive process. Green Bank will audit up to 50% of Low-Income projects for each participating Contractor and reserves the right to audit additional projects if not compliant. 

LMI Income Eligibility Verification 

To verify customer eligibility, Contractors must: 

  1. Collect an ESS Affidavit Household Size & Statement of No Income form completed by the customer indicating the number of income-earning and total individuals in the household  
  1. Collect one of the three below options for Low-Income Eligibility Verification for all income earners in the household. The number of income earners should match the number indicated on the Green Bank Affidavit Household Size & Statement of No Income form 
  1. Compare customer’s income and household size using the State Median Income table 
  1. Complete the ESS Affidavit of Low-Income Eligibility by selecting eligible form of documentation 

One of three options for Low-Income Eligibility Verification and corresponding acceptable documentation: 

  1. Last two pay stubs for all members of the household who are 15 years old and older earning more than $3500 a year. Pay stubs must be from consecutive pay periods; 
  1. W2 from the previous year calendar year; or 
  1. Documentation of Customer’s current enrollment in one of the following programs: 

___ Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) – proof of CURRENT enrollment 

___ Connecticut Energy Assistance Program (CEAP)  

___ Eversource’s New Start Program or UI’s Matching Payment Plan (MaPP)   

___ Designated financial hardship by Eversource or UI 

___ Home Energy Solutions – Income Eligible (HES-IE) 

___ Supplemental Security Income -Social Security (SSI) –annual letter 

___ Supplemental Security Disability Insurance – Social Security (SSDI not SSD) – annual letter 

___ Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program (SNAP) – monthly letter

___ Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) – monthly letter

___ Temporary Family Assistance (TFA) – monthly letter 

___ Free and Reduced Price School Meals – for current school year                    

___ State-Administered General Assistance (SAGA) Medical Program – annual letter 

___ Connecticut HUSKY- annual letter 

___ Past two (2) consecutive years of Individual Tax Return (IRS Form 1040)