Who qualifies as a low-income customer?

Who qualifies as a low-income customer?  

Households must be at or below 60% of the State Median Income (SMI) to be eligible for Low-Income incentives in the Energy Storage Solutions Program. Contractors are required to collect and retain documentation verifying customers’ income eligibility.   


Family Size 60% State Median Income
1 $39,761
2 $51,996
3 $64,230
4 $76,465
5 $88,699
6 $100,933
7 $103,227
8 $105,521


 Low-Income Audit Process

Green Bank staff will audit Low-Income applications, including documentation required to verify Low-Income eligibility. Green Bank will audit up to 50% of Low-Income projects for each participating Contractor and reserves the right to audit additional projects if the Contractor is not compliant. Customer income may also be verified by the Green Bank, Eversource/UI, Operation Fuel, or other community partners through another program, as decided by the Green Bank.  


Low-Income Verification

To verify customer eligibility for Low-Income Energy Storage Solutions incentives, Contractors must:  

  1. Compare customer’s income and household size using the (above) State Median Income table
  2. Collect one of the three below options for Low-Income Eligibility Verification for all income earners in the household. The number of income earners should match the number indicated on the Green Bank Affidavit Household Size & Statement of No Income form.  
  3.  Complete the ESS Affidavit of Low-Income Eligibility.