If installing a system with a BESS that is not eligible yet, can a contractor still enroll the BESS in the program?

A contractor can still submit the customer’s application in the enrollment platform, but they should also submit the New Technologies Request Form. There will likely be a delay in approval and an incentive is not guaranteed. Even if a BESS is listed as eligible, a New Technology Application will be required for the first project submission for that OEM or “last mile operator”. While the BESS and OEMs shown on the list are considered eligible, not all OEMs have committed to participating in the program. The initial submittal will confirm their interest to participate in ESS.

How does a battery manufacturer become eligible for the program? Do you have an application form for technology providers? Who should we get our preferred technology vendors in touch with?

Please have the battery operator, including the manufacturer, contractor, or TPO complete the New Technologies Request form, found on the energy storage webpage and at the following link: https://energystoragect.com/contractor-resources/. That request form will be reviewed to determine if the battery energy storage system (BESS) meets the minimum technical requirements and is able to move forward with integration with the Distributed (Energy) Resource Management System (DRMS for UI, DERMS for Eversource). Once accepted, the battery manufacturer will then be responsible for working with the DRMS/DERMS platform managers to complete integration.